Words are not equal

People are, but words aren’t



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Walter White’s Tryst with Taxes

Lex Sorted

Hooked to Breaking Bad and often find yourself gushing at the locations of the same? We have some news for you! While the city of Albuquerque might look all tailor made for this cult series, it wasn’t always decidedly so.

As time progressed, this Mexican city acquired a persona of its own in the series. It was something the audience has not seen before, a far cry from the picturesque locales of Versailles or the bling of NYC. Albuquerque has a sense of mystery about itself. The cast speaks fondly about the clouds in Albuquerque. Aaron Paul even has a residential property in the city. The cast connects with Albuquerque. So does every spectator!

With panegyrics being heaped upon this Mexican city from the cast and the spectators of the series, let us provide you with a piece of information. Breaking Bad was originally set in Riverside, California. Why was…

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Call for submissions: The Best Asian Short Stories (TBASS) by Kitaab

The Best Asian Short Stories (TBASS) series will showcase arresting contemporary short fiction from Asia. The inaugural edition of The Best Asian Short Stories (TBASS) is due for publishing in 2017.

The Best Asian inaugural edition will choose the best twenty or so short stories from the submissions.

The Best Asian aims to showcase stories offering fresh insights into the experience of being Asian. We seek fiction that transcends borders and social and political divisions, while drawing us into the lives of people and the places where they come from. Send us stories that ask questions and probe ambiguities; stories of uneasy choices, introspection, thought and insights, of moments of epiphany or catharsis. Enthral us with tales of the magical, the profound, the absurd and the chilling. Send us stories that tug at the heartstrings, or leave us raw and shaken. We want writing that will move us, and continue to…

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On Not Feeling Part Of The Sisterhood

For feminism stands for equality…


Laila tapeparade red skirt floral jumper feminism womanhood sisterhood feeling a part of somethingYesterday was International Women’s Day. Amongst the articles celebrating women who broke the mould there were posts all over the place about how great it is to be a woman. Feminism is a hot, trendy issue and the supposed markers of womanhood seem to be everywhere.

Certain attributes seem to crop up more often than others. Wanting to make the most of your appearance. Playing around with the way you look. Harnessing your sexuality in order to get what you want. Having long, rambling friendships with other women. Getting catcalled on a daily basis. Life-long girlfriends who “get” you. Having the upper hand over boys by being alluring and mysterious. Hating your periods. Having days where you sit around and do nothing and imagine you look gross. Knowing how to be glamorous. Being simultaneously sexy and smart.

I would categorise the above markers as being different from the traditional stereotypes…

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