Monday Market (Som Bazaar)

Petrichor! Vendors

sprinkle water, dust settles –

Som Bazaar at dusk


First rain of the year in Delhi (07/01/17)

‘First rains of the year!’
shared someone on a
Whatsapp group.

Later in the evening, a fruit seller
alighted a bonfire of wispy
strands of hay from his carton.

The evening was chilly indeed.

But the little calf,
who had just begun munching on
it, failed to understand the need.

Late by 12 hours

[Presently on a train to Sealdah from New Delhi]

Like countless compartments

of a train

Time drags on,

as if bogged down

by the cumulative two-minute

desires of the souls it carries.


Time, however, on this train

I am travelling in

is governed by completely different

principles. One of those principles,

had been licking

the glass-sealed windows unabashedly,

since I opened my eyes this morning;

its menace in swathes of white

gobbling the black dots of hope.