In the forever now

The other day when the clock
tick-talked us into the night,
you observed how premonition 
could be a cheaper alternative
to time traveling. Of course,
neither you nor I had the gift
or the money to afford the real deal,
so we just discussed the possibility
in the capacity of veterans in making
this far into our lives, failing
at every moment at interpreting
the future, until it was deja vu
on the horizon.


Ckicken, egg and time travel

For a long time I’ve been intrigued by these ideas: our present is a consequence of our past and the effect foreknowledge has on our future. And this other concept that what we do or what happens to us is entirely independent of our past actions or our knowledge of things prior to their occurrence is also something that I have been lately thinking about.

I was at Sirifort Auditorium (Delhi) last night, watching ‘What is Done is Done!’ an adaptation of Macbeth, which has a great deal of premonition thing going on in it. However, that didn’t get me thinking about these concepts. What did or at least what started the train of thoughts was the conclusion one of the clowns in the play arrived at – that God is a chicken (so bye-bye KFC was an immediate reality for millions, god-fearing or not). How does it matter if it was said in a play, you say. Well, to that I’d say, do not underestimate the power of fiction, not when you know some of these have divided humanity along really absurd lines – such as one man’s food is another man’s god. O but I digress!

So today, on Easter, I woke up with a deep craving for egg. And as if on cue, last night’s observation rushed up my throat and I burped, ‘I know who lays Easter eggs!’ What an epiphany! Now let’s go back to the matter at hand. Past. Present. Future. What have eggs and chickens got to do with philosophical ramblings about time? Well, they certainly exist in time for one and one of the oldest riddles about evolution involves an egg and a chicken.

All that aside, I have just this bit of confusion: if someone at a table is enjoying his/her tandoori chicken and another person (out of spite or just with a weird sense of humour, like mine) travels back in time and makes an omelette of the egg whence came the aforementioned chicken, would the piece of mouth-watering tandoori vanish from the plate or would both the omelette and the tandoori chicken make both the individuals happy in different timelines? Someone build me a time machine, please!

PS. While am at it, I might also go ahead and destroy Skynet and thereby Genisys. You can thank me later humankind and James Cameron.



Time traveler’s song


You stitch seconds, memories
and rhyme to make a coat
immune to the chill of time.

Stone skims, chimes as it kisses
the rippling skin. The sea grows
old and in time is young again.

You shiver at the sight of scythe,
worry not, Shakespeare
at your bedside steers your bark.

Beyond the melting horizon
you know there lay a shore
which sends message in sea shells.

‘Time, my love,’ reads the message,
‘is the ship that’ll sail you through
the emptiness to where your heart is.’